Choosing the Baby’s Father From the Following 41-50

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Choosing the Baby’s Father From the Following

Choosing the Baby’s Father From the Following

다음 중 애 아빠를 고르시오
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: , Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean
‘God, Buddha, Author-nim, thank you!’ Ryuiji, a terminally ill patient in South Korea, dreamed of being reincarnated into a romance fantasy novel every night. She was overjoyed, thinking her dream had come true, but she found herself inside a rough draft novel she had written? And not just any character, but Louise, the extra who dies at the beginning of the story and makes the male lead go berserk! “Ugh.” But somehow, she’s alive and well, and even pregnant?! ‘As long as I’m alive, I can do anything, right?’ With a second chance at life, Louise decides to find the father of her child with determination…… Candidate No. 1: the Grand Duke of the North. He proposes the moment he sees her. “I can’t wait any longer. I’m going to marry you.” Candidate No. 2: The Magic Tower Master. The solution to all the hardships of a pregnant woman. “I will protect you. You won’t feel any pain.” Candidate No. 3: the Crown Prince. The only man who knew about the pregnancy from the beginning. “It’s my child. Even if it wasn’t, it wouldn’t have mattered.” Three perfect men each insist that they are the father of the child… And while their passionate flirting should be enough to melt her heart, why is her villainous brother acting strange? “Do you really have to go?” What? Why is he about to go berserk now…? I’m perfectly fine, brother! It’s up to the capable regressor heroine to rehabilitate her brother, I have to find the father of my child! A story of protecting her child and living a long and healthy life amidst desirable father candidates and a not-so-desirable brother!



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